We are first Senior Diamond Director in Gujarat with Oriflame India Now

I am feeling proud and pleased to inform all of you that now we are first senior diamond director in Gujarat. This is the newest title we have achieved last month and we are awarded 4,00,000 Rs of Cash Award 2 days back.. Yes!! It is 4 lack Rs and we are super happy to share this with you all.

How we achieved Senior Diamond Director in Oriflame:

This month, Two of Our key Leaders Swati Padshala from Ahmedabad and Rita Rojasara from Surendranagar became new Directors in our Network. With these two directors in our team, we are Senior Diamond Director now. Now these two directors will start earning 25000 Rs to 30,000 Rs of income every month. It is our pleasure and proud to have such 8 more directors in our network earning 25,000 to 1,00,000 Rs already.

What is Senior Diamond Director Title in Oriflame?

Senior Diamond Director is a 12th title in Oriflame Success Plan. This is an exclusive title. There are only around 15 Senior Diamond Directors in India so far and we are one of that group.

What We Will Get in this New Title with Oriflame?

The key benefits of this title are, 25, 00,000 Rs to 30, 00,000 Rs of Income per year + Recognition Diamond Pin + Cash Award of 4, 00,000 Rs + 2 Luxurious Foreign Trips in a Year.

How Oriflame recognized us as new Senior Diamond Director?

Two days back on 3rd June 2013, Oriflame arranged our commemoration ceremony. It was jam-packed event, with more than 500 consultants and guest present. Senior Management from Oriflame India was present there too to award us Cash Award of 4,00,000 Rs. The Stage, Our Entry, Music and Testimonials from our leaders made us speechless.

Check it out some Pictures…


Purvi Pritesh Oriflame


Oriflame India Senior Diamond Director

The common question that everyone is asking us these days is, How we achieved this exclusive title and our Answer is simple, It is Team Work + Commitment to Live Extra Ordinary Life + Determination to achieve smart money + Oriflame Company Support and Motivation made this possible.