Image management is all about developing your Inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through appearance. so Image management is in simple terms is making you and others think and feel good about your image. It is simply the art of creating your perception in the mind of others.


Graduated in a post-diploma course of pathology, then a housewife for 2 years, Purvi realized her dreams and the will to make a difference in people’s life at the age of 24. She chose the path of beauty, which inspired her the most.

She is working as a beauty consultant and trainer for 18 years with the company called Oriflame. Now when she gained great experience and knowledge in the Beauty industry, she thought of spreading her wings more and thus decided to join Image Consulting Business Institute.

The training helped her realize where she truly belonged and now she is into Image management. She can support people individually and also in an organization to transform their Image so they can achieve their goals and desired Dreams.


As an Image Enhancer, beauty and skin care expert, and an Inspirational Speaker, she is passionate about supporting her clients to project a powerful, stylish and Influential image in their personal and professional lives.

Image consulting is all about portraying right image at right time. As famously quoted , ” A book should not be judged by its cover., but you are unlikely to read if the cover is not inviting.”

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, if you look splendid on the outside, you feel fabulous inside.

“Look good to feel good and to be treated well” can be the success Mantra of recent times. In such a scenario where one’s appearance or image has taken the pivotal place, look no further, beyond the Image consultant Purvi Shah

Managing your Brand is not a singular event but a continuous process!

Service offered are customised as per the roles and goals for the individual as well as the training need analysis of the organisation


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Face And Body Shape Matrix

Colour Analysis

Grooming and Make Up


Wardrobe Evaluation


Corporate Grooming With Personal Styling

How To Dress Well To Impress

Power Of Personal Appearance

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 Individual Client, Dubai, Head of Projects at Swiss Bureau Interior design LLC

I’m writing this email to appreciate your efforts and investing your time in to me. I’ve been always fond of wearing good clothes but put only little thought in everyday dressing to work or to weekend outings.

After our meeting this December, I’ve taken following steps – 1) I’ve organized my cupboards separating work clothes, weekend outings, party clothes so I have to spend less time digging in to my cupboards every single day. 2) I’ve organized my clothes with color codes from white, grey, black and colored to save time on picking out clothes. 3) As we discussed, I choose my clothes from night before so this gives me sufficient time to pick perfect matching with scarfs and jewelry. 4) I am using make up tips in my routine wear taught .by you and its working very well.

I’ve been enjoying this process and along the way collecting praises from friends, family and colleagues as well as clients. I’m on journey of healthy leaving and great dressing and feeling very happy about that. Even my purchases for clothes and shoes are well thought and coordinated than impulsive buy. Thank you very much once again for all the efforts.





Managing Director,  Rich Colors Pvt Ltd., Ahmedabad