Success Story of Purvi Pritesh Shah – Double Diamond Director Oriflame

My fairytale love story began the moment I married my husband Pritesh on October 19, 1997 I was 23 at that time, and was filled with happiness and excitement to embark on my new journey in life


When I got married I was not working, and was a housewife. My sole duty was to take care of my in-laws, husband, & myself. I always was happy doing this and never was there a moment of grief in my heart, but there was always something missing… a little bit of happiness was always missing from my life. I guess you can say… a part of me was in pursuit of my own happiness too.

My pursuit didn’t have a journey for me, but it lead to an early morning in December of 1999 when got an opportunity and that was ORIFLAME.

I can literally say the 21st century was the turning point of my life (I can say this now and honestly at that time I did not know it would be the turning point of my life).

Pritesh (my husband) has always been my back bone, and my soul to encouragement. I love him with all of my heart and soul. We make the perfect team, and with that being said… my husband also joined in on the wonderful opportunity of Oriflame along with taking care of his own construction business.

In Oriflame Pritesh & I have achieved many different things (to see a list of our achievements please go to my achievement page).

Oriflame makes me powerful each and every day by not just fulfilling my dreams as a business woman, but fulfilling other people’s dreams as well. I went from being a simple housewife who lived in her husband’s shadow and became independent. I went from not being tech savvy to using a laptop and smart phone on a daily basis (I mean… I have my own webpage too… I should get some street credit there too, hehe).

Pritesh and I work so great together and it is because we have a partnership of wanting to work together, and also our chemistry. I am thankful to God for bringing him into my life because without him… I would not have many joys in life as I do today. I love you Pritesh!

So far it’s been 16 wonderful years in my journey with Oriflame, and I can honestly say I have completely transformed as an individual from being a housewife to a business woman. My dream of having my own identity has been fulfilled, and I no longer feel empty.

I have achieved many wonderful things in terms of knowledge, money, power, freedom of spending money, glamour, beauty in an extraordinary sense, a luxurious lifestyle, and now three tickets for our free Diamond Conference in any foreign destination every year and 2 tickets for our free Gold Conference in any other foreign destination once in a year.

Our Recent Achievement

Recently We are awarded as New Double Diamond Director by Oriflame on 5th Jan 2015. We received 5,00,000 Rs of Cash Award from Oriflame Company.


Photo of Double Diamond Recognition

We are growing! Our Team and Networks are Growing! More and more people joining us everyday and we are supporting their dreams to get fulfilled! I love this space, and business a lot where we directly work on our dreams together. Do you have dreams? Which Dreams you Want to fulfill? Contact us or Write to me at

Let’s Fulfill Dreams together!
Lots of Love..